Tuesday, 20 February 2024
تحقیقاتی اور ڈیجیٹل صحافت کی دنیا میں انقلابی قدم --- اس کی کوریج ، جس کی کوئی کوریج نہیں کرتا --- ظلم ، ناانصافی کے خلاف برسرِپیکار

Driving force behind a person's success to realize their ambition

Stern determination is the only driving force behind a person's success to realize their ambition. Despite numerous hardships and obstacles, a strong-willed individual utilizing all his potentialities always reaches his destination and makes his goal palpable. Gaining success may not always prove to be a prompt procedure. Rather, a person may face countless ups and downs while on his way to reach his destination. The road to success is often rough and bumpy and can many times turn out to be totally incompatible with one's expectations. But it does not mean that one should give up their struggle if they do not find a swift concord between their expectation and the reality because it is often the most dangerous and risky roads that lead to the beautiful destinations.


The story of Syed Asif Ali is a convincing example of this statement. Syed Asif Ali, a young, talented boy whose life once used to be smitten hard by restlessness, hardships, and poverty, has today evolved into a shining star enjoying a very peaceful and prosperous life. Syed Asif Ali basically hails from South Waziristan who passed his childhood in a state of severe distress and pennilessness. At the age of eight, military operation against terrorism in his birthplace forced his family to shift to Dera Ismail Khan where they started living in a rent house. Being in Dera Ismail Khan, Asif Ali, a diligent boy with unwavering ambition, worked at different places doing small jobs to keep the fire in the family stove burning along with pursuing his education.


Since his early childhood days, Syed Asif Ali was a very intelligent, fond, ambitious, hardworking and an intent boy. Being well-aware of his strengths and abilities, he stepped into the field of "marketing" and commenced working as a common salesman at Oppo Mobile Technologies. He was very expert in this field and dealt with all the problems coming in his way quite professionally. In a very limited time, his industriousness, zeal and zest, steadfastness and loyalty to his work landed him on the seat of officer and soon he began serving as the manager of the company. Being a competent manager and an intellectual creating new ideas, he implemented the Fix Policy Price of the company in Kohat city which not only preserved the profit of the businessmen but also made it twofold.


After feeling a need to make a suitably skilled team, Syed Asif Ali made a very professional team, thus providing jobs to many impoverished but well-qualified young people who today are benefiting the society by working on the posts of officers. Asif did not compromise on the professionalism of his team and made his day and night one to guide his team whenever he felt a need to. Indubitably, besides being a pundit in the field of technical development, his qualities of mentorship can also be not denied.


Syed Asif Ali also possessed the qualities of a profound seer and when he prophesied that the upcoming era would be reigned by the heyday of the social media, he made a useful use of the YouTube and learnt "Digital Marketing" quite effectively. After gaining mastery over every aspect of digital marketing, he introduced a company by the name of "Point Media". Point Media is an emerging lucrative platform that serves to solve problems pertaining to people's social media accounts. Similarly, keeping in view the increasing need of web advertising, this firm also offers the service of web advertising whereby benefiting a very big group of people far and near.


Technical issues are very common and everyone faces it one way or the other. However, not everyone has the potential to solve these technical faults themselves. Therefore, one has to resort to finding professionals in the concerned field in order to solve the problems with their accounts etc. Having said this, a lot of politicians and digital stars have also confronted such technical faults with their social media accounts. Thus, they unhesitatingly resorted to utilizing the services of Point Media whenever they faced problems with their social media accounts. This is because Point media is the only platform which never fails to solve any sort of technical problem in social media accounts. Owing to its exquisite proficiency and professional abilities, this firm is highly recognized by the people and is becoming one of the most emerging companies in Pakistan. Besides, Point Media is also planning that very soon it will launch its label regarding the field of music too.


When asked about his income, Syed Asif Ali disclosed that he is earning millions since he has stepped into this field. No doubt, he is a real gem who discovered his strengths and abilities at a very young age and utilized his time in the best possible way by transforming his capabilities into a well-polished skill. He is a perfect embodiment of success and a shining motivation for all those who say that their life is going through tough times. Despite various hardships, if Syed Asif Ali can transform his dreams into concrete reality, then surely everyone else who has a longing to become like him can materialize their hopes. It is all up to one's desires, one's potentials, motivation, and the steadfastness in one's struggle to reach to a point in life that one can call one's success. Numerous Asifs can be produced and they can benefit the society only if they sincerely follow the footprints left behind by Syed Asif Ali.